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Finishing Product Demonstrations

We understand the importance of seeing finishing equipment in action prior to purchasing, which is why we offer onsite and virtual product demonstrations. Our demonstrations provide:

  • Product performance
  • Expected finishing quality
  • Comparisons versus your existing products (if applicable)
  • Estimated ROI

In addition to product demos, many of our Binks, Graco and DeVilbiss products qualify for risk-free 60 day trials. Simply select Graco's “Try Before You Buy” or Binks/DeVilbiss “Seeing is Believing” during checkout and we’ll ship the product to you risk free after being qualified.

If you’re satisfied with the product, we ask that you pay the associated invoice at the conclusion of the trial; otherwise, return the product to Midway and pay only shipping costs. Visit our online catalog or call us for a complete list of qualifying products.

On-site Demonstrations

Available in WI, IL, MN, IA, NE, ND, SD

Try products directly on your production line with our onsite demonstration program. While onsite, our technical specialist can review your finishing operation to identify techniques or additional equipment that could improve efficiency or finishing quality. Contact Midway or call us to schedule an onsite finishing product demonstration.

Virtual Demonstrations

Available Nationwide

Customers have two options for virtual demos: Pre-recorded product demonstrations or real-time demonstrations over Skype. In addition to seeing the product in action, we’ll send you product-specific reference literature such as training bulletins, brochures and operational manuals.  Contact Midway or call us to schedule your virtual product demonstration.

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